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Dog walking

About me

How it started
I was the first person in Denmark to start walking dogs as a professional, and therefore the most experienced. My practical knowledge with and love for dogs started in my childhood home. We always had 2-3 dogs and the preferred breeds were french bulldog, rottweiler, pug and english bulldog. I’ve been playing and communicating with dogs since I was a child, and therefore I am aware of the responsability that having a dog is. I have always felt a strong connection with dogs, and over the years this connection has only grown stronger.

How things evolved
The first time I walked a pack of dogs was back in 2004. For the first 4-5 years I brought a maximum of 6 dogs at a time. Not walking too many dogs at the same time was important for gaining experience with educating the dogs, and for learning how to optimize the composition of the pack. During the past 15 years I have had more than 200 four-legged clients. The fact that I’ve spend an enourmous amount of time with this many dogs on a daily basis for so many years has given me a huge amount of knowledge in terms of how dogs react and behave when in a pack, aswell as a great deal of understanding of the conduct of different breeds.

My experience
Back in 2008 my awarenes regarding dogs and packs of dogs had become substantial. At this point I was ready to deal with packs of up to 10 dogs, as I still do today. More than 15 years of walking different dogs and observing different packs has strengthened my connection with, understanding of and love for these wonderful creatures. I said it for the first time back in 2004: “I’ve got the best job in the world!”

Dog walking

Is your dog ready?
Your dog needs to be at least 6-7 months old before joining the mobile dog-’kindergarten’ – this may vary slightly depending on breed and other parameters such as dog-personality, though. A small puppy is not fully developed and it is often easily distracted. Furthermore a puppy’s muscles are not yet strong enough for being part of the somewhat untender games that adult dogs play. It’s also a well known fact, that short but frequent walks are best for young dogs. I highly recommend having your puppy attend a puppy training school, simply because socializing with other dogs is vital for your dog to get a good start in life. Once your dog is old enough, when it comes almost every time you call it and when it feels comfortable and safe around other dogs, it’s ready for being in an off-leash dog park amongst other dogs for more than an hour.

Worth to know
When your dog is out in the open and unleashed amongst a bunch of other dogs, the conditions are perfect for it to communicate and use it’s body in a natural way. A lot of unfortunate situations regarding dogs can be explained by the use of a leash. This is due to the fact that the owner will quite often pull the dog in a certain direction, mainly away from other dogs. This makes it harder for the dog to act and communicate as it would normally do, which leads to conflicts and misunderstandings. If your dog is set free amongst other dogs and gets to use all of it’s senses – sight, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling –  for an hour, you’d have to walk it with e leash for several hours to bring it to the same level of drowsiness. Most behaviour problems when it comes to dogs are a result of the lack of fatigueness, stimuli and socialising. Therefore, having your dog walked by a professional dogwalker can potentially solve a lot of a dogs problems.

What can I promise?
I can tell you without a shade of doubt, that when your dog returns after being around other dogs and unleashed in an Off-leash dog park, it will be tired and stimulated. In these areas the dogs are allowed to run around freely and once the session is over, each dog gets a treat. Your dog will get a break from just lying in it’s basket for about 3 hours, some of this time obviously being spent in a car with air-condition on our way to the woods, the beach or a park. If you want me to walk your dog, read more about me here.

My services are available in the following areas: central Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Nørrebro, Vesterbro, Østerbro, Christianshavn, Amager, Hellerup and Holte.


All weekdays, monday to friday. Duration 60 minutes: kr. 245,- for each session (including taxes).

Monthly discount package
All weekdays for a month (monday to friday), equals approximately 20 sessions: kr. 3.900,- (including taxes) (about kr. 195,- per session).

What’s included?
The dog is being picked up and returned to your home or workplace, depending on your needs.

  • A lot of movemenet in leash-free areas (the woods, the beach, parks).
  • treats, toys, water and blankets.
  • interaction and playing games with other dogs and plenty of warm-hearted attention.
  • Pictures of your dog having a good time sent to you.
  • filling up the dogs water bowl once home, and a short goodbye-petting for the dog.


Introductory visit
In order to make sure your dog gets a good start, I begin by visiting it and you at your home. This means the dog gets to meet me while feeling safe and at home, and it enables us to discuss and plan how things will work out best for you and your dog.

You’re always welcome to contact me by mail or phone if you’d like more info.

How to pay
Nordea bank, reg. nr.: 2107 – account nr.: 6875391990
IBAN: DK3920006875391990
MobilePay: 78931
CVR: 26235308


ProfHundelufter v/ Nini Karpatoff
Rådmand Steins Alle 16 A
2000 frederiksberg

Phone: +45 22 99 08 89