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The vet

I cooperate with AniCura at Copenhagens animal hospital which is located centrally in Copenhagen and open around the clock.

AniCura is a reputed animal hospital chain that specialize in treating pets. The chain was established in 2011 as the first animal hospital chain in northern Europe.

Today AniCura is an examplar in regard to specialized animal treatment, and the go-to partner for pet-owner and veterinarians in northern Europe.

AniCura offers everything when it comes to medical and surgical treatment. This includes everything from preventive treatment and basic nursing to advanced diagnotics, surgery and orthopedics. Furthermore AniCura offers rehabilitation, physiotherapy, feeding advice plus a wide selection of care products.

AniCura has 250 clinics all over Europe and every year the 5.000 veterinary staff-members has more than 2.5 million patients. Also, AniCura is an esteemed partner for the training of medical staff around the world.

I can help you make sure that your dog gets the required vaccines and that the necessary paperwork is done properly before travelling. Aditionally, I can escort your dog when travelling – in car or by plane to any thinkable location.


Poppelstykket 11
2450 SV
Phone: +45 36 17 57 11